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Powerful Project Management Software.

Work Management

TaskBeeCRM's work management features drive collaboration and productivity. With seamless team collaboration, client management, project organization, task boards, milestones, time tracking, and insightful reports, it streamlines workflows and empowers efficient project management from start to finish.

Roles and Permissions

Customize access levels and empower your team with granular user roles and permissions for seamless work management.

Team Collaboration

Boost collaboration and teamwork with seamless user collaboration tools in work management.


Efficiently manage client relationships with intuitive client management tool for seamless workflow.


Simplify project workflows and enhance team coordination through effective project management features.


Stay focused and motivated by reaching project milestones and advancing towards project completion.

Time Tracking

Gain valuable insights into project progress and performance with precise project time tracking functionalities.

Knowledge Base

Enhance team collaboration and empower self-service with an organized knowledge base of valuable information.


Unlock actionable insights with robust reporting tools that provide a holistic view of project analytics and performance.

Human Resource

TaskBeeCRM's HR management features simplify employee management, leave tracking, shift scheduling, attendance monitoring, holiday planning, employee appreciation, notice board updates, and team calendar coordination. Streamline HR operations and enhance workforce management with TaskBeeCRM.

Employee Management

Optimize employee data management and enhance HR processes with comprehensive employee management capabilities.


Simplify leave management with a user-friendly system that enables easy leave requests and tracking.

Shift Roster

Optimize workforce productivity with robust shift roster functionalities that facilitate efficient shift planning.


Efficiently monitor employee attendance and generate accurate reports with reliable attendance management.

Holiday Calendar

Efficiently manage holiday schedules and facilitate employee planning with a user-friendly holiday calendar.

Employee Appreciations

Promote a culture of appreciation with robust features that allow for easy recognition of employee accomplishments.

Notice Board

Keep employees informed with a Notice board that shares important updates and announcements.

Event Calendar

Stay organized events seamlessly with an intuitive event calendar that keeps everyone in sync.


TaskBeeCRM seamlessly integrates with various third-party apps, expanding its capabilities and allowing users to streamline workflows. By integrating with popular tools like Slack and Google Calendar, TaskBeeCRM enhances collaboration, eliminates the need to switch between apps, and boosts productivity. Users can customize their experience by leveraging their preferred apps within TaskBeeCRM's unified platform, creating a cohesive work environment.

Google Calendar Integration

Effortlessly sync your schedules and stay organized with seamless Google Calendar integration.

Slack Integration

Enhance team collaboration and streamline communication by integrating Slack directly into your workflow.


Maximize productivity with REST API integration, allowing for seamless data transfer and integration with your existing systems..

Client Portal

TaskBeeCRM's client portal provides a secure platform for seamless client collaboration. Clients can access project details, track progress, upload files, and communicate with the team. The portal offers transparency, centralized document management, and visibility into milestones and timelines. Simplifying client management and enhancing communication, TaskBeeCRM's client portal strengthens relationships and streamlines project collaboration.

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